I'm Gloria, a dog-obsessed home cook with a thirst for travel. I'm excited to tell you where I've been, what I'm eating, and how the kitchen can become a place where anyone can feel at home. ​ 

I learned how to cook by pulling up a step stool next to my mom whenever she was making something, whether it was fresh pasta, Swiss meringue, or that addictive beef curry her friend from Thailand taught her how to make. 

Everyone knows that food is a path to connection with other people, eras, and cultures, but let us not forget the power the very act of cooking together can hold. It is a medium of healing, communication, and storytelling. Watching how someone else prepares their favorite meals, listening to why they do what they do, and trying it for yourself brings us all closer together and helps us understand each other a little better.


Sometimes cooking is just dang fun and it's time for dinner!

So, grab a buddy and let's make some good food, 'kay? 

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